Secure online document exchange with VDR

A virtual data room (VDR) offers the level of security and control needed to support complicated business transactions and mission-critical procedures. As opposed to the standard file sharing tools such as corporate email and Dropbox, VDRs are capable of securing sensitive files against theft, leaks and even ransomware attacks.

The best VDRs provide a variety of features that are specifically designed to protect data when sharing documents. For example, many VDRs allow for redaction which blacks out areas of documents so personally-identifiable information stays private. Fence view, which is a digital representation of a document that prevents the taking of screenshots, is another advanced feature. The top VDRs include security certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC 1/2/3.

The top VDR software offers more than just protection. It also streamlines the document sharing process. VDRs like this often come with search options that allow users to locate the files they are seeking. The top VDRs provide well-organized folders with clearly marked numbers to keep the process moving.

If your company has to share information with clients, partners investors, regulatory agencies or partners, the appropriate VDR could be a vital tool for supporting your critical processes. When you are evaluating VDRs, look for the appropriate balance between security and usability to ensure that your company is able to meet its business goals while staying compliant. For more details, contact a trusted VDR provider to learn how their solutions will meet your unique business requirements.

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